Writing Your Own Vows

If you don’t want your vows to come out of someone else’s book, it’s a fantastic gesture to write your own.

Wedding Vows

Words from the Heart

Writing your own vows puts a more personal spin on the ceremony and gives you the opportunity to declare your love to not only your partner, but to the loved ones you’ve invited to share in the moment.

Be sure your partner is on the same page with this so there are no surprises. It will be more uniform and provide better flow during your wedding if you both create the vows yourselves, rather than only one of you taking this on. There’s no need to read your partner’s vows before the wedding, but it’s a good idea to ensure you have similar structure and visions for the vows. Decide on a date to have them both done so no one is writing them the night before.

Most likely you will meet with your officiant before the actual ceremony so be sure they are aware you will be writing your own vows. They will know at what point the vows fit best and they may even ask you about this before you tell them. Definitely read the vows aloud to yourself to be sure they sound well and if you’re comfortable, have a friend or family member read them or listen to them for you.

Most important: Be yourself. Think about the things you love most about your partner and why you want to spend the rest of your life with them. This is your moment to speak from the heart so take time preparing these thoughts and your vows will make the event all the more special.

DIY Wedding

Weddings can be expensive. If you’re on a tight budget there are plenty of ways you can create elements of your wedding yourself in elegant and chic ways to help save money.


Before tackling any do-it-yourself wedding projects, be sure you know the theme and color scheme you’ll be working with so that all elements flow and connect. If you aren’t handy at using your own computer software to take on an invitation design, many online print shops have templates you can follow. You’d just choose the template of the style of invitation you want, colors, fonts and imagery and the website does most of the work for you. Many online options offer a single invite and envelope for under $1. When calculating the overall budget for your invitations, keep in mind the additional cost for envelopes,  inclusions (i.e. directions, reply cards/envelopes), and postage per invite and reply card. Online orders will most likely have a processing and shipping fee.


Don’t let deep discounted outlets scare you away. Second-hand shops, dollar stores, even garage sales – Yes, garage sales – could be a great resource for very low-cost items. You never know what you may find at these places that can embellish or even be the foundation of your wedding décor. Dollar stores have decorative pieces that are wedding themed for pennies on the dollar. If you’re going for a shabby chic or rustic theme, second-hand stores could have those one-of-a-kind candle holders or wooden pieces that suit the vibe perfectly. Get creative and think out of the box. Fresh flowers from your grandmother’s garden, dried beach wood or tree limbs & pine cones could give your centerpieces that one-of-a-kind and personal touch your looking for.

DIY Centerpiece

Beautiful – Yet Simple – Centerpiece


Gifts that you create mean so much more to your guests than you think. If you’re having a small wedding, the favors could be edible like cookies or candies, or even include the guest’s name or something personal to them. If you’re having a large wedding, buy things in bulk to make it cheaper then create the items yourself: plant seeds in mini terracotta pots, melt raw wax into small candle holders, divide potpourri into decorative sacks. The possibilities are endless and again, the internet has an abundance of beautiful and creative ideas.

There’s so many resources out there nowadays, give yourself time to thoroughly browse your options. It may take some time to stumble upon something truly unique and inspiring that will suite your big day perfectly! Good luck and have fun!

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A Bump Along the Way

Would you say that you’ll feel the most beautiful you’ve ever been on your wedding day? Well, most women say they feel extra beautiful while they are pregnant. So what happens when you combine the two? The social morals of today’s society should lead you to feel comfortable with a pregnant wedding. People get married much later in life than when their parents and grandparents did. The structure of families these days is taking on new and progressive forms. So don’t be ashamed to show off that baby bump on your big day!

The Dress:

Maternity Wedding gown

Beautiful Bride, Beautiful Mom-to-Be All in One!

The tradition of a white dress on your wedding day actually came from the Victorian era and wasn’t meant as a symbol of moral virtue. That’s a relatively new idea, so if you’d like to follow tradition and go with white, we say “You go girl!” If your other concern is finding a dress to fit your new physique, to that we also say do not stress. A quick search online proves that many well-known and respected wedding dress outlets carry maternity dresses. Or, if you have a local dress shop you want to approach, just tell them your situation. They’ll know how to accent your best features and take focus away from the bump – if that’s what you prefer. Most are capable of making in-house alterations and can help guide you along the way.

The Judgment:

Another concern could be facing family and friends that have a traditional idea of what marriage should be based on faith or religion. We would approach this issue much like any other problem that arises in the planning process. Have a heart-to-heart with any individual who takes issue with your situation. The most mature thing is to tackle the topic as adults, sharing feelings and working through the problem. Tell them it’s important to you for them to be supportive and to be present at the wedding. It’s a wonderful time to celebrate love and life regardless of the shape it takes. If the person is still creating problems for you, you may have to let it be. Don’t push the issue so that it estranges you from loved ones, but don’t let it ruin your big day. If you’re having a church wedding, approach the topic with your officiant – don’t let it be a surprise.

Enjoy Yourself:

Plan your wedding like anything else you would during your pregnancy. Hold the event in the second trimester, when you’re over the nausea but not too far along that you fatigue more easily. Be sure to plan the menu accordingly, recalling what kinds of foods you can consume and enjoy eating. Consider getting a mock wedding ring – your finger could swell causing your real ring to not go on so easily. Dress comfortably. Consider the time of year and the fact that your body may be naturally warmer while pregnant. And skip the high heels – You’re going to want to be on your feet so the more comfortable the better.

Just remember it’s your special day. Don’t let things stress you too much, which is the advice we’d give you pregnant or not. Consider it an amazing time that the little sprout inside you gets to share in. Baby will get to look back at photos and movies at how beautiful mommy was while carrying.


Your Wedding Caterer

Your wedding meal is a chance to feed your guests your favorite foods, but requires the right caterer. Choosing the right caterer for your wedding is more than just finding someone online, though. Here are a few tips for choosing the right wedding caterer.


A wedding caterer should give you the chance to taste what they do. No matter how great a menu sounds, if they can’t actually execute it, you don’t want to work with them.

Take advantage of a catering tasting. This will let you experience what you and your guests will be having at your reception. Bon Appétit.


Your favorite restaurant might be great for a night out, but when it comes to your wedding, you need to work with a caterer who is used to catering weddings. Your guests will all need to be served at the same time, and with great quality food.


Many wedding venues will have their own catering staff. Be sure to check whether you can bring in your own caterer, if those are your plans. If you are using the venue’s catering service, arrange for a tasting and make sure you like what they’ll be serving.

Tips for Attending a Bridal Expo

Fashion Shows, Exhibitors, and Prizes, Prizes, Prizes.  There is so much to see and do.  Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your bridal expo experience.

First on the list, PREREGISTER ONLINE and REGISTER at the bridal expo to take advantage of all prize-winning opportunities. bagbridecrop

Make LABELS with your name, address, phone number, wedding date and email address. Most exhibitors will be offering a special drawing at their booth.  Having printed labels ready will save you the time you spend filling out an entry form at each booth.


BRING SOMEONE WITH YOU — This is a fun day to spend with your girlfriends or Mom but don’t overlook the groom. Many of your final choices will be made with him. Having him along may help you make the selection process easier and save on much needed planning time.   If this is a two-day bridal expo, consider having a girls’ day out one day and having him at your side for the second day. 

Bring a LIST OF QUESTIONS. Do they make, provide or deliver the product or service you desire? Exhibitors may be too busy to answer all of your questions during the expo, so limit the amount. If you really like the exhibitor, ask for an appointment where you will get an in depth, dedicated, one-on-one conversation.

Bring your CELL PHONE to take pictures of things you really like. This includes exhibitors. Don’t get home only to realize you have forgotten the name of that company you really wanted to use. A quick snap of the exhibitor at their booth will get you back to the right person.

COLLECT INFORMATION (business cards, brochures etc) from all exhibitors. When you get home you can read their information, get ideas and start making choices.

FASHION SHOWS will highlight the latest in bridal fashion. This is the perfect time to seek out your style and design as well as the look you want for the rest of the bridal party. (Take advantage of this show time to get off your feet for a while).

FINAL TIP: Enjoy the food samples, fashions and entertainment. Get involved and have FUN!!

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Wedding Gown Dressing Room Angst


Choosing your wedding dress or gown can be stressful.  Here are some tips to make the process easier.

– Order gown 4 to 12 months prior to wedding.
– When selecting your gown it is best to bring only one friend or relative, someone whose opinion and sense of style you admire. This will avoid cramped dressing rooms and conflicting opinions about the bride’s choice.
– Don’t sacrifice a good fit and styled gown for the latest fashion trend.iStock_000000461030Small
— Choose a color that will complement your skin tone best. Many brides, especially redheads, look best in a candlelight gown (a soft shade of ivory). White silk also offers a softer, creamier look.
– Be prepared to try on many gowns. Wear or bring a strapless bra or something similar to what you will wear under your gown. Bring high heels and nylons to see the full effect of the gown. Ask about slip rental for fullness needs.
– Wear your hair in a similar style to what you will wear on your wedding day when choosing your head piece.
–  Don’t feel pressured into saying “yes” to the dress.
– Stay within your budget.  Get all prices up front including:  pressing, a bridal bag, handling, packaging and alterations.  When satisfied, sign a contract with all of the details.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

– Set up a completely separate day to select the bridesmaid gowns. Include them in the choice and stay within their budget. Be sure to take into consideration each person’s unique figure and find something that will complement them, as well as the theme of your wedding.
– Immediately after the wedding, have your gown cleaned and boxed.  If you are going on your honeymoon right after your wedding assign this task to a trusted member of the bridal party or a family member.

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Favors and Gifts for your Guests

Favors or gifts for your guests is a nice way to thank them for attending. A simple gift (easy for the guest to carry home) can bepresented at any time during your reception.


Small gifts such as picture frames or jarred lit candles with the guest name and table number attached is a great way to welcome your guests and get them to the right seat. Gifts waiting for the guest at their appointed seat are often boxed and may even be part of the table setting (engraved napkin holder, champagne flute etc.). Gifts may also be left at an exit table for guests to take as they leave.

Are you giving your guests a special gift?  Share your ideas or gain new ones with other brides at Brides Pub, a social network for brides.